Friday, August 17, 2012

Be Ripped Lose Fat

Would you would like that? But the thought of training in a gym or a fitness club just does not inspire you with a warm glow to be ripped. Getting a six pack sometimes requires changes in what you do but they need not be too radical, painful or expensive. A healthy looking mid abdomen on your tummy will boost your confidence and if it means getting rid of belly fat, then that is all the better. OK how do I get abs I hear you ask?

There is no doubt that dropping belly fat to be ripped is an essential process in achieving your aim to lose weight. That means in easy terms that the energy output or the calories burned will have to exceed the calorie intake. That is, burn more energy eat a nutritious diet which contains the proper fluid intake, in order to lose weight.

Your diet includes part of the changes in lifestyle needed such as eating fruit and vegetables with lean meat and no fries. A fat reduced milk for breakfast cereal and other uses is advisable to help be ripped. Chicken, (not fried) roasted is lean meat, for example. If you want to have bacon then remove the fat and grill it. Look at the fat which falls off! All these little changes add up to a huge change over a year. Or even better for the rest of your life.

If you cannot eat fruit because the taste does not appeal, you could always liquidise the fruit and or vegetables and drink it as a smoothy. You will soon learn in your quest to be ripped that you can adapt the taste and texture of the drinks to your preference.

Be Ripped Now

If you are totally out of shape and want to be ripped then use a large exercise ball which is very useful to help get some stretching exercise done as a warm up to stretch the tummy area. Make sure the ball is secured (It has a habit of rolling when you do not want it to.) Lean back with your back, on the ball to get the balance right. Then start gently reaching towards your toes or knees. Practice this exercise gently and start to gain confidence in what you can do. This can be done in the home and does not involve a large outlay of money to be ripped.

Look for an inexpensive set of hand weights from a retailer. With a hand weight, get the weight you are comfortable with, in each hand then start to rotate from the waste to the right and left alternately, side to side. This is the start of the exercises to be ripped. Keep your hips towards the front and do not move them as you rotate. Doing this, you should feel the rotation around your spine. TO START HOLD THE WEIGHTS IN CLOSE TO YOUR BODY. That is important to start with. When you have the space around you and are sure there is no one who could hit weights as you move you can extend them away from your body to increase the load and gain more calorie burn. In your goal to be ripped, starts off slowly and build up your exercise levels.

Do these exercises gradually. If you were to lose a pound a week and do this for a year, imagine the difference in 3 months time. Be ripped, not fat.


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