Thursday, November 8, 2012

If You Were Given 2.5 Minutes What Would Choose To Do?

Here are a couple of different approaches:-
Option 1. Physical Exercise
How about losing 200 calories! No giggling about any silly and provocative suggestions as to spend a couple of minutes, the 'henrybot' thatfloats around can hear you!
Colorado University researchers found that exercising vigorously for five 30 second burst on an exercising bike can burn 200 calories. After the 30 second bursts there was a 5 minute sessions of low intensity cycling to aid recovery. So in total the session would take twenty-seven and a half minutes. Subject to where you have the facilities at home, work or at your gymnasium you can hold this session any time of the day.
This form of exercising is not recommended for everybody, since you will need a high level of fitness and health to start, and it is vital that you do not suffer from any circulatory problems.
But it does offer and option for those who claim that they do not have time for exercise, since it takes up so little time. If you manage a session a day for a week you will have used 1400 calories, as well as toned up your body, improved your circulation and have exceeded the recommended minimum exercise levels of 150 minutes or 75 minutes for moderate or intense forms respectively.
Option 2. Eating
How about spending the two an a half minutes on grabbing a pre-cooked cheap burger with a high calorie, saturated fat, salt and chemical content? With one of the mega triples and double burgers, with cheese, bacon, sauces, fries and cola, you will have, in your hand, around a weeks calories that you could have saved in Option 1. And of course you will be helping yourself to a shorter and less healthy life. Just carry on to your own Domesday!
However with healthy diet you save the two and a half minutes and drop the 200 calories without affecting the overall meal. A mixed salad topped with some strips of grilled seafood such as tuna, squid, prawns will look and taste great, look delicious and be packed with useful nutrients. But try to go one stage further use the two and a half minutes by avoiding that temptation of the dressing the salad, especially if it is made with olive oil. Whilst olive oil is beneficial to the body, and in small quantities it is medicinal, it does have one major problem that can influence our fitness and health.
Olive oil, and most other vegetable oils, are very high in calories by volume. One tablespoon having over a hundred calories. So a liberal measure of salad dressing can add many calories - to flavour the salad try freshly squeezed lemon or lime with a sprinkle of smoked paprika. They will be low in calories and add vitamins to the dish.
There are many other options to improve our life in the short-term. Sitting at home on the sofa,or at work at your desk, eating the "mega garbage in a bun, with fries and cola" is not the option that you should consider.
However spending the occasional few minutes on some exercising or thinking how you can change and improve your healthy eating lifestyle is time well spent. For the simple reason - you will live a longer, fitter, healthier and happier life.

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